On a budget?  How about mass mailers or flyers promoting a sale, getting your message out to the public?  These one/two color flyers are used for a wide variety of things, promoting your musical band, sales, promotions, special events, etc.  These are one of the most affordable ways to reach a large amount of consumers.  Let us know if these are something you think may be useful to you or your business.

     We can create flyers for your company in black & white or full-color.  Flyers create a buzz for a new product or promoting a special event.   They allow you to market your event to new and existing customers professionally.  They bring immediate attention to your business or event.  You can do almost anything with a flyer - the only limit is your imagination.  That is where Extreme Graphics & Signs can help.  We print flyers on a wide variety of paper stock off a high quality press, not a home printer.

     Therefore no job is too small or too large!  So give us a call to get flyers out there right away working for you.  Everyday that goes by is another day of advertising lost, and an event or sale can not be a success if no one knows about it.

     We can do the layout for you or go by your own layout which ever you prefer.  Like any of our products we have a very quick turn around time, so things can happen faster. Time is money.   Call today for a free quote...


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