Timmy's Hot Rods

My 1972 Monte Carlo, this car was gutted inside and out. My buddy Bill at Reno's Collision did the bodywork and paint and I did everything else including switching the entire interior to black.

Nothing was spared on this Monte if a part was bad or worn it was replaced with new parts or if new was not available the original part was restored.

This car has no floorboard repair and has NO RUST underneath entire car. Body was nearly 100% rust free.

 This car was built in Van Nuys California and shipped to a dealership in Memphis Tennessee. By the looks of it that is where it spent most of it's life.

This car is my Rat Rod/Traditional Hot Rod project. I just put the wide whites on in this picture. I plan to shave the rear door handles off, flame the car and lower it just a bit. This car has two rot holes one on each rear quarter and is in excellent shape besides that for a car that is almost 57 years old.

It runs great with the original 6 cylinder and a 3 on the tree. I can't wait to start driving this bad boy around, I hope to take the car to the Billetproof Car Show in 2010 or 2011.

This is my daughter Keara's hot rod. It is a 2001 QT Top Alcohol Jr. Dragster. Keara started Drag Racing when she was just 8 years old, she will be turning 13 in 2010 and will be running the track in 7.90 seconds at speeds of 85mph. For much more on Keara and her racing please visit www.dixondragracing.com.

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