Our most popular set features an incredible custom made Hot Rod Fascia with nostalgic pictures of the crew as well as famous 50's & 60's musicians. This set comes great music and entertainment with era correct dressed Disc Jockey's & CAR HOPS!




Here are some of the services The DOO WOP DJ'S offer...

  • Hot Rod Booth (Nostalgic Flamed Booth)

  • Incredible Music (The Greatest Oldies Music Ever Recorded)

  • Professional Disc Jockeys (dressed fifties/sixties)

  • Roller Skating CAR HOPS (taking requests)

  • Hula Hooping (A lot of Fun for kids and Adults)

  • The Diversity Doo Wop Bunny (Fun Oldies Dances)

  • CD Music Collections (Music CD's For Sale)

  • Sponsor Exposure (microphone and/or literature)

  • Car Hop Literature Distribution (vendor/business/sponsor literature) *

  • Award/Trophy Ceremonies (help out or do it all)

  • Great Sound Travel (with comfortable up close conversation)

  • Car Hops Meet/Greets (restrictions & requirements apply) *

  • Car Hops for Photos (restrictions & requirements apply) *

Contests & Games

  • Timmy's Trivia DIVERSITY EXCLUSIVE (Classic Cars, Music, TV, & Movies)

  • Hula Hooping Contests (we can organize or help you out)

  • Bubble Gum Blowing Contests (we can organize or help you out)

  • Best Dressed Contests (we can organize or help you out)

  • Creeper Drag Races DIVERSITY EXCLUSIVE (Contestants race on their backs on Cool Creepers to the finish line - requires asphalt)

  • Name That Tune Game (Car Club vs. Car Club)

  • Various Car Show Games (misc. games revolving around cars to win prizes)

  • Diversity Doo Wop Time Travel  DIVERSITY EXCLUSIVE                 (coming soon...)

  • Contest Operations (Hula Hooping, Bubble Gum, etc.)

  • and MUCH MORE FUN!

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