Here you will find a variety of photos from Car Shows we have entertained at...

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Allison striking a smile for a photo with some guests with a very nice 56' Ford Victoria.

Allison, "excuse me, I'm working till when?"

Be-Bop Keara enjoying the ride... ok so she's pretending.

Car Hops Wendy & Keara taking a break by

a sweet GTO.

Wendy daydreaming about how many tips it will take to get more gum.

Wendy, what can we say??? Girls will be girls.

Kids love to Hula Hoop with the Car Hops. 

"Let me get this straight that was

2 Mustang Sally's and 1 Blueberry Hill?"

"Could you hurry it up please this shake

ain't getting any younger".

The Doo Wop DJ's have exclusive Safe Creepers designed especially for our Creeper Drag Races.

The Creepers are full and the fans are ready to see a race.

Allison & Timmy dancing to "At The Hop".

Sweet Pontiac Bonneville parked for a great shot.

Our very own Marilyn made an appearance for some pictures.


Our Car Hops are always happy to pose for pictures.

Car Hops Keara & Wendy smiling pretty by

a clean 56' Ford.

The whole gang getting people up and moving to an mix of Oldies you can't help but dance too.

Wendy striking the perfect pose for that 50's feel.

Actually here we showed them their paycheck.

Wendy, "Ah... some tips for more gum".

Cute & Dependable, couldn't have said it

better myself, Peace!

Keara getting involved in the Limbo Rock.

A close finish as the creeper racers cross the finish line.

Keara & DJ Timmy out for some "Timmy's Trivia".

Kylie with her cute smile and the famous Lolli-pop.

Yes they call it Puppy Love

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