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Allison is always amazed at how many cool songs are on our Diversity Doo Wop DJ's CD Boxed Set Collections.

A little Willie & The Hand Jive in the early morning at the Downtown Midland Cruisin' Car Show.

The gang doing a dance routine that always gets folks moving and Twistin'.

Our Diversity Car Hops doing their thing and taking orders for some more timeless favorites.

Car Hop Allison doing some good old swing dancing with DJ Timmy.

The Diversity Car Hops with the Doo Wop Bunny getting it going with some "Runaround Sue".

DJ Jenny making some announcements and sharing some fun facts.

Keara, Kylie and The Doo Wop Bunny getting a Limbo Contest underway. 

DJ Timmy... The Man behind the Music.

DJ Jenny giving a quick music history lesson

on the microphone.

Car Hop Keara & DJ Timmy in the crowd looking

to give away more prizes for "Timmy's Trivia".

DJ Timmy with a nice group of people trying to win themselves a prize with our popular "Timmy's Trivia".

Car Hops Keara & Allison bringing in more requests

to the Giant Jukebox.

 Kids just love dancing with The Doo Wop Bunny and Car Hops.

The Doo Wop Bunny and our Car Hop Kylie full of smiles. Having a blast performing and dancing. 

That Doo Wop Bunny is one cool cat.... opps I mean Bunny! 

Be Bop Keara being silly while doing what she does best... Hula Hooping.

Be Bop Keara being silly again while Hula Hooping... that's right on one knee!

The crew at a night time Street Dance getting lots of people gathered around to join in on a routine.

The crew at a night time Street Dance literally getting people "Dancing in the Street".

A whole lotta Hula Hooping, dancing and good old fun goes on into the night time Street Dance.

Hmmm... it's a circle hands joined, but there's a Bunny not a Chicken. Oh well everyone had a blast!




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