Diversity Entertainment DJ Service was formed in 1997 by Tim Dixon and partner Ben Senepole as a special kind of DJ Service. One with 2 Disc Jockeys at every show, unique attire, great down to earth personalities and most of all REAL ENTERTAINMENT. Diversity Entertainment provided lots of fun for Bars/Clubs, Weddings, Graduations and any other special events.



Tim & Ben spent countless hours both day & night (while working full time jobs) practicing their shows and rehearsing dance skits and routines. In 1998 they met up with a girl by the name of Kristina who was a exceptional dancer/choreographer who just loved to dance, soon Kristina was working with the guys to help develop dance moves and routines. The skits and routines performed ranged anywhere from from funny to well choreographed high energy dance routines. The goal was to ENTERTAIN people whether it be with a laugh or a little performance. Due to the extreme high energy that Diversity produced it was pretty easy to see Tim & Ben definitely felt the music and becoming soaked with sweat within the first hour of any event and continued to dance nearly non-stop the whole evening. The crowd really enjoyed the energy and it always got people up and dancing early on in the event, even the people who normally just sit and watch. Of course not everyone danced but those who didn't still had a lot of fun being entertained by the clever routines. Tim & Ben spent the time creating routines to lots of fun songs that was hot at the time and kept the routines changing with the music. They spent less time on typical DJ involvement songs such as... Chicken Dance, YMCA, Hokey Pokey, Celebration, etc. while they still did these songs with the crowd, it was more important to them to set themselves aside from the rest and do plenty more feel good songs. 



With this very unique approach business grew very quickly and became very well known. Most of the clientele would call ahead and schedule their events around the dates Diversity was available. It became obvious the business had started to develop an incredible following. By 1999 Diversity had put it's second set of equipment on the road with 2 more DJ's (Mike & Steve) trained by Tim & Ben. The schedule continued to fill up soon both sets were out every weekend and usually 2-3 weekdays. As time went on Diversity hired two more disc jockeys as back ups (Ben M. & Matt) who later came on board as regulars. Diversity went on to become one of the most recognized highest paid DJ Services in Arenac County. People were having fun and the word spread quickly and no one could explain the chemistry of this very different DJ service.



As time went on the busy schedules took a toll on the disc jockeys. Some of them decided they needed to resign and take a break to have some weekend time back for their personal lives. Diversity continued on with various replacement DJ's, and as years went by hired their first of many female Disc Jockeys, Wendy. You may have seen other females such as Lisa, Tracy, Kristina, Shaina, Rachelle, Jennifer, & Tina to name a few. From this point on Diversity ran a lot of guy/girl teams and the response was good. The guy/girl combinations allowed for a different perspective on routines and dances. 



Busy years continued to go by, business continued to build and so did the pressure, Tim had to make some decisions as it was getting to be too much to handle. Tim decided to down size, selling some of the equipment, letting some DJ's go and turning down shows to spend more time with his family. Tim took some time off to lay low for a while to re-group and reconnect with his wife and kids. After a while Diversity began to book more shows but this time geared towards corporations, city functions and upscale events requiring less entertainment and more professionalism. Tim has always had a very deep love for all kinds of music while putting everything he had into Diversity and just couldn't completely call it quits and give up. 



It was 2003 when Tim had the idea of providing music and entertainment for one of his deepest passions, car shows. Tim has been actively operating the "Diversity Drive-In" and his "Giant Jukebox" car show features with great success. The purity of the music and the fun crowds made the Drive-In start to click great with it's crew. It seems the magic is back in a new light. 



When asked what made Diversity Entertainment so successful Tim replied, "I don't think it was just the right DJ's, or just the way we entertained or even the way we managed to keep a level head through it all. I think it was all of the above. I think it was a combination of the right disc jockeys, the right music of that era, the way it all matched together was like a well oiled machine... it just ran great. I've been approached several times from other DJ services for advice on how they can build a replica of Diversity, which is very flattering. But I simply tell them the truth, I don't think even I could build a replica of Diversity. It was just the right place, the right kind of music, the right time and just the right people involved. To me that's a combination that comes along once in a great while. Times change and people grow, it was our time to travel in a different direction".



While Diversity Entertainment specializes in 50's & 60's events they continue to provide DJ services for events such as... 70's & 80's events, Theme parties, Weddings, Anniversaries and other special events. You may see them out dancing a bit but don't expect to see the wild and crazy jumping around, soaked with sweat DJing style you may have seen in the late 90's. Diversity Entertainment now prides itself in offering a quality DJ service with lots of experience. Of course they are still a lot of fun just done a bit differently now.


Keep an open mind, smile, have fun and most of all KEEP ON DANCING! - Tim


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