Advertising Consulting 

      We understand sometimes advertising just doesn’t seem to pay off, we’ve all been there.  The scenario is we spend our hard earned money to place an ad in newspapers, placemats, even radio and receive absolutely NO phone calls…….(sound familiar?)

What a waste of money, right?..... WRONG!

       We have to remember when you place an ad you’re not placing that ad to get swamped with phone calls, if it was that easy everyone would own their own business.  Think about yourself for a minute……. When you browse through the newspaper and see an ad for a Hair Salon do you run right there or write their number and call to get a hair cut?  When you see an ad for Computer Repair do you call them? Usually no. These are wise attempts to get you to remember them when you do need a Hair Cut or your Computer repaired. 

Listen up, we are about to reveal the BIGGEST SECRET in business success!

       The secret to successful advertising is CONSISTENCY, meaning repeated advertising.  Remember how we were all so tired of hearing dial down the middle 1-800-CALL-ATT with that annoying red headed guy, guess what? IT WORKED, we remember what to dial to make a collect call.  See our goal is to be there when our customers need for us arrives.  When you place an ad and are trying to catch an immediate customer’s attention, that’s like trying to be heard in Times Square on New Years Eve.    

          Back to our computer repair example, if you open up the newspaper and see the same repair place ad each and every week, then subconsciously we start to remember seeing that ad so when the time comes we have an idea of who to call.  This is what repeated advertising hopes to achieve. 

          So you see advertising is not what pays, repeated advertising is what does the trick.  It’s true it is a timely process, but honestly the end results will be well worth the time and money invested.

          There are so many more tools and theories on the correct type of advertising, and landing the customers you want, just give us a call and schedule an appointment to talk to our experienced staff and work out a special advertising plan catered specifically to your business.  Advertising does pay, just not overnight.

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